Account Manager Southeast

Miami Stokke LLC Apply before: 2023-04-15

Stokke is looking for a Account Manager Southeast to develop distribution and sales with specialty retail outlets, department stores and national chain stores within the Southeast Region.


Some of the key responsibilities are the following:

  • Prioritization of areas and customers
  • Work out sales development plans for the area
  • Find, evaluate and activate relevant trade partners according to Stokke policies
  • Contract negotiations and implementation of Stokke’s requirements to retailers
  • Secure selective distribution requirements are fulfilled with all customers at any time
  • Continuously follow up customers
  • Ensure all retailers’ staff receives relevant training 
  • Work with customer service to ensure the markets get the service they need


  • Experience with developing distribution and sales for branded goods with excellent results 
  • Experience with motivating and training retail sales personnel and implementing company strategies in retail environments
  • Experience with informing customer service department to the benefit of customers in regards to orders, complains, logistics coordination and other relevant support functions.
  • Ideally experience of selective distribution policies of exclusive/upmarket products/brands.
  • Fluent in English
  • Valid driving licence 
  • Flexible and mobile
  • Hard working and dedicated

Why join Stokke?

  • You will be a part of a company that creates smart and sustainable premium products, that through bonding between child and parent stimulate the child’s development
  • Stokke is an advocate for ethical trade practices and ensures that our business connections take part in a joint responsibility
  • If you want to commit to create high quality products, designed for children and generations to come, we want you to be a part of our team
  • Stokke offers an extensive benefit package to its employees